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The Mobilist
The future of batteries, electric cars, and driverless vehicles. A new blog from Medium.

Electric cars are nearing a major milestone that will propel adoption to new heights

A decade ago, barriers to electric vehicle ownership were everywhere. Range was limited — the best selling vehicle of the day, the Nissan Leaf, offered just 73 miles (or 117 km) per charge. Longer ranges were available, but costly. …

With electric vehicle sales soaring, the end is in sight for traditional gas-powered cars

Electric vehicles have become all the hype in the automotive world — Tesla is now the world’s most valuable car manufacturer, and traditional automakers are pouring billions into electrification. But despite this, fossil fuel vehicles¹ still dominate the roads. …

Slow charging times have been one of the main barriers to EV adoption. But soon, they’ll be able to refuel in just a few minutes.

One of the greatest barriers to the mass adoption of electric cars is lengthy charging times. Gas cars have multiple drawbacks, but their ability to refuel in just a few minutes is an advantage consumers are hesitant to lose. …

New battery technology will unlock huge applications for electric mobility

New battery technology has long been the ambition among automotive manufacturers. Industry players are hopeful that improved tech will bring improved energy density, longer lifespans, and faster recharging.

As a result, automakers have plowed billions into promising new technologies – and solid-state batteries in specific. Recently, Ford and BMW invested…

Electric cars are promised as the solution to climate change, but electric bikes are better for all of us.

In a year full of an endless barrage of harrowing climate disasters, more attention is on shifting entire countries to electric cars than ever in an attempt to mitigate the damage to the climate before it’s too late.

The European Union has promised to phase out fossil fuel new car…

Just as with “student driver” signs, pedestrians should know when an AI is at the wheel

When you’re a student driver, you’re a little dangerous behind the wheel. You don’t quite know how to control the vehicle.

Society has a vested interest in helping you learn to drive. So that means letting you take the wheel on city streets.

Risky, but over the years, US states…

Dispatch from the UK

At this point, investing in cleaner combustion technology is like trying to develop a healthier candy bar

Last week it was announced that a world-first sugar and salt tax could be introduced in England as part of the new National Food Strategy. The tax on wholesale sugar and salt is intended to be an incentive for manufacturers of confectionery and processed food to reduce the content of…

The automotive industry is on the verge of massive disruption. The decisions companies make today might determine their fate.

In an industry as established as the automotive industry, it’s rare to see the industry leaders diverge as fundamentally as they are today. By vehicles sold, Toyota and the VW Group are the two largest automakers in the world. …

Why even Elon Musk has been forced to admit that navigating streets is hard

A car is a just a slow-moving bullet with a stereo system.

When we drive a car, we typically think our main task is navigating from point A to point B. But mostly what we’re doing is trying to keep from killing someone. That is Job One. Everything else is…

The Mobilist

The future of batteries, electric cars, and driverless vehicles. A new blog from Medium.

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