About The Mobilist

The Mobilist reports on the business, science, technology, and geopolitics of advanced batteries, electric vehicles, and driverless mobility. Written by journalist Steve LeVine, author of The Powerhouse: America, China, and the Great Battery War, this blog is aimed at the vibrant community of entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and policy hands who are creating a new future of mobility along with a concentric circle of voyeurs who are excited to follow this race as it unfolds. Every week, LeVine will examine mobility developments large and small, the people responsible for this new age, and the changes it will bring. LeVine is an editor-at-large at Medium, where he writes about economics and business at Marker and politics for GEN. A former foreign correspondent with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, LeVine is also the author of The Oil and the Glory and Putin’s Labyrinth; an adjunct professor at Georgetown University; and a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Foresight, Strategy, and Risks Initiative. This is a community effort. He would love to hear from you with corrections, tips, and observations. Email him at steve@medium.com.