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The future of batteries, electric cars, and driverless vehicles. A new blog from Medium.

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Ultra high-voltage lines strung in Qingjian, China. Photo: Zhao Chen/Getty

In vision and scale, the idea is mind-boggling: In response to an expected doubling of global demand for electricity over the next generation, China is proposing a super-grid — a grand, world-spanning, cross-border, centrally managed network of power generation. By 2070, it would deliver green-generated electricity to 80 countries, from the United States to Southeast Asia to Russia, Kuwait, Nigeria, and all points in between. The electricity would be moved across advanced power lines operating at an ultra-high 800 kilovolts, providing the umph to push the power thousands of miles while losing little capacity along the way. …

Tesla, VW, QuantumScape, and GM are vying to produce the norm-shattering battery first

Photo: Martin Vorel/Creative Commons

After years of fitful development, doubt, miscues, and embarrassments, the humble battery seemed — in 2020, finally — to vault within reach of the promise that entrepreneurs since Thomas Edison and before have had for it.

In a key development, the cost of lithium-ion batteries is now near $100 per kWh, an inflection point that would give electric vehicles (EVs) cost parity with their gasoline-driven competition, according to BloombergNEF, a renewable energy research group. At the same time, multiple teams of researchers report a breakthrough in a new type of battery — a long-sought anode containing pure metallic lithium. The…

Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Last week, I reported that electric vehicles won’t break decisively into the mass market until consumers see ubiquitous infrastructure where they can charge up in about 15 minutes — that Americans want the “gas station experience.” Readers of The Mobilist who own EVs wrote back to object, arguing that combustion-driving motorists will see soon enough that they can charge at home. (See comments underneath the story.)

We will know the answer with certainty by mid-decade, when carmakers debut their dozens of announced EV SUVs, pickups, and sedans. But polls (here and here) suggest that consumers really do want to know…

The Mobilist

The future of batteries, electric cars, and driverless vehicles. A new blog from Medium.

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